Monday, 24 May 2010

Piggy Throne

Well I was asked last night via the piggy forum, if I could make a piggy bed with no top and I quote '' He needs something with no top that he can lie on in a lordly fashion.'' now Mariusz is a lovely looking piggy, who lives in New York so I got thinking I wanted something diffrent from the normal piggy beds with no top. And after much scribberling and chewing of pencil I came up with the Piggy Throne..


it has removeable seat pad for easy cleaning and extra pads can be made if required. Im just waiting to hear what Mariusz slave thinks of his throne :)
As I have also opened a shop on Folksy (link can be found on blog) I will be making these to put in there as well. At the moment it seems as if my house has been taken over by the sewing machine, but I am loveing every second LOL

1 comment:

  1. It's amazing how you took the words "in a lordly fashion" and created this product. It's perfect -- just what I would have wanted. You have a gift for turning words into products.

    Lord Mariusz thanks you for the compliment and eagerly awaits his throne.