Saturday, 12 June 2010

My Bargins

Well off I went to the charity shops, and the greengrocers, today. The greengrocers is lovely every Saturday he gives me a box of greens etc for my guinea pigs free, and I get whatever veg I need for the week from him as well for me (not free lol )
Well went into the first charity shop and the lady in there saves me fabric that they can not sell and I buy it off them, which helps me as I only like using recycled fabrics. Well look at this gem of fabric, it was mucky and horrid, the lining had rips which was why they couldn't sell it at the shop. I have washed it and look how it is now, can not wait to turn this into something special.


and in the second charity shop I treated myself to some curtains for my bedroom, they have also washed up lovely and they were a bargain at £2.00 for the pair.


sadly they are not lined but that turned out not to be a problem as i found a pair of thermal curtain liners for a £1.00 so all now just waiting to be ironed and put up at bedroom window.
Hope you all have had a brill day ,


  1. The fabric with the birdies is beautiful you must have been delighted with that!
    Kandi x

  2. umm love the bird fabric. how did you manage to persuade your charity shop to do that for you?!

  3. 23rdspiral I was just cheeky and asked, as I know all fabric ie clothes, curtains, bedding ect that can not be sold in the shop is sold to the rag man, all charity shops do this, so I asked if I could buy the biger bits of them, the first local one I asked said no but the second one said yes :) then the bits that are left after me I bag up and take them back to the shop for her to sell them to the rag man lol so it is win win all round :)

  4. What wonderful fabric. I think I will have to ask at my charity shop if they can do that for me too :) they know my face now and why I buy all the curtains and sheets lol.