Sunday, 4 July 2010

Boot fair Bargins and Panic lol

Well of to the boot fair again had a lovely time and treated my home to...


candle holders
and got some more tea cups for my up coming project, think I may have enough now

came home with my goodys, was making lunch and had the back door open, was looking out into the garden and happened to glance upwards following the flight of a blckbird when I saw something in my tree. Went to have a look and eekk I think it is a wasp nest
its just a little one at the moment but it is big enough for me, back door is now closed and I havent a clue what to do lol

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  1. i remember my dad calling the coucil to ask what to do when i was young...
    my land manager other half just recomended dousing it in something flamable and setting light to it! but that might make them a little angry... but not able to do much about it once they're alight ! gosh, that's not a very pc comment is it!?